WorldSteel ‘s “15 Years Believing” Party

On the 10th anniversary of the establishment, WORLD STEEL Construction Joint Stock Company held a Year End Party at the factory of the Company with the theme “15 YEARS BELIEVING”. As one of the most important events of the year, the party welcomed the attendance of representatives of the Board of Directors, Customers, close Partners and hundreds of employees at the factory.

At the party, the Board of Directors sent the guests and all employees and their families the best wishes on the occasion of the new year. Everyone cheered for the success of the past year.

The General Director of the Company has shared words, sincere messages and encouragement to encourage people to move forward, creating new breakthroughs in 2019. It seems that any difficulties will overcome, every achievement will be achieved when the WORLD STEEL team is consistent, coherent and always follows the general rules and standards when working. Also in that party, the outstanding individuals and collectives in 2018 were honored as a recognition of the Company for the labor achievements of all employees.

In addition to looking back at the successes, the year-end party is also an opportunity for the “artists” in the Company to show their talents, the opportunity for families and employees to share unexpected gifts from lucky draw and an occasion for brothers from the North – Central – South to gather together eat, drink and be merry after many days of hard labor.

The year-end party closes in handshakes, warm hugs, goodbye words like never want to part. So a new year has come, WORLD STEEL will have changes, new steps to help the WORLD STEEL brand fly higher and stronger in 2019.

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