Implementing The Foundation For The Gppd Energy Factory Project

In recent days, at the project site of “GPPD Energy Factory”, the Steering Committee has implemented the foundation stage for the project with a total area of 30,000m2 with 3 workshops, 1 office area and 1 warehouse.

Visit the construction site at this time, the weather in Binh Phuoc is in the hot season and all of us are facing the Covid-19 pandemic. However, these did not reduce the productivity of all the brothers at the construction site. Rather an extremely exciting working pace, all of the Steering Committee are making every effort to carry out the work of foundation and ground beam, expected to be completed on the comming March 5th, 2020.

With a total area of 30,000m2 including 3 workshops, offices and warehouses, each foundation column has a thickness of about 1m. The workload is very large but the Steering Committee and all WorldSteel Group’s workers have worked with a very determined spirit, constantly inspecting and urging to best fulfill the quality criteria of the batch. In particular, surveying is always concerned and is a top goal, using modern surveying technology to increase the aesthetics of the project.

Mr. To Tien Dung – Project Leader shared: “To complete the foundation and ground beam stage, all the members have planned to prepare in detail and follow up continuously to complete the pouring foundation stage in quality and far beyond the schedule committed with the Investor. This is considered to be the result of the spirit of solidarity, concentration and rhythmic coordination between Steering Committee and workers so that the project can ensure both the quality and maximum safety during the construction process.”

With the high appreciation from the Investor as well as from the Board of Directors of WorldSteel Group on the construction work, the Steering Committee of GPPD Energy Factory Project is continuing to rapidly deploy the subsequent works, ensuring the work in each stage always operating on schedule to hand over to the Investor.

Some photos of the foundation work of GPPD project:


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