WorldSteel Group Re-Achieves IAS AC472 Certificates – The 5th Time

On May 23-25, 2023, WorldSteel Group honored to welcome Mr. Joseph Kingtons, the representative from Smith Emery Laboratories to World Steel, performs verification and inspection work at the manufacturing factory.

This is essential work to confirm that the World Steel factory has comprehensive quality assurance procedures in accordance with the IAS AC472 certificate criteria – the leading quality assessment standard currently recognized by the US MBMA (MBMA: The abbreviation of the American “Metal Building Manufacturers Association”).

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IAS AC472 is a complete quality control assessment management process system specifically for steel structure manufacturing companies, accredited by MBMA – Metal Building Manufacturers Association and ICC – International Code Council.

IAS AC472 is important not only for works manufactured and constructed by Steel Structures for the world’s No. 1 advanced country like the US. AC472 is the “Passport” for non-US steel structure manufacturers who want to officially export structural steel products to this market, requiring AC472 quality certificate.

In the US, AC472 Certificate for steel structure constructions, projects ensures that all products comply with the design, construction, and fabrication process in accordance with quality standards and evaluated by an independent third party. Investors using products and services from manufacturers and companies producing pre-engineered steel buildings with AC472 certificate will be assured of quality. A steel building manufactured according to AC472 standard will receive the following benefits:

  • Pre-engineered steel building projects manufactured on the basis of AC472 will be granted construction permits faster.
  • The durability and safety of steel buildings according to AC472 standards will be higher.
  • The cost of buying insurance for the works is lower.
  • Maintenance cost for steel building system will be lower.
  • The commercial value of these works is higher.

About the IAS AC472 Certificate Authority:

  • AC472 is overseen by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC).
  • This body evaluates and accredits building departments, special inspection bodies, testing and calibration laboratories.
  • Official website:

About the company representing IAS performing Audit activities, Smith Emery Laboratories:

  • Smith Emery Laboratories is the partner representing IAS AC742 to evaluate World Steel’s system every 6 months in Vietnam.
  • Is an American company with a history of over 100 years, since 1904.
  • Smith Emery Laboratories is one of the leading US companies in the field, with offices in many countries and regions: USA, Canada, North America, China, etc.



  • The IAS AC472 certificate is valid for 12 months.
  • According to regulations from the IAS, companies like World Steel must undergo at least 2 audits per year, each 6 months apart.
  • The results of these times will determine whether this certificate can be extended or not.

IAS AC472 is an important certificate with very high quality assessment standards. The certificate is not only for companies wishing to export steel structures to the US market, but more importantly, it shows the capacity and strengths of World Steel. The re-accreditation of IAS AC472 is a proof that all of World Steel’s systems are being operated and controlled in the most rigorous manner.

World Steel is proud to be the first and only company in Asia to achieve IAS AC472 certificate. With IAS AC472 certificate, World Steel is the first Vietnamese company to have a license to export pre-engineered steel to the US. World Steel is growing stronger and reaching out from Vietnam, contributing to building the reputation of Vietnam’s steel structure industry and the international market that WorldSteel Group has been conquering.

Capacity of World Steel factory in Steel Structure projects

Built in Hai Son Expanded Industrial Park, Duc Hoa, Long An, WorldSteel Group factory has a total area of more than 20,000m² and has a total production capacity of over 2000 tons of steel structures/month.

World Steel Factory is proud to possess high-quality human resources: We gather a team of domestic and international technical experts who are knowledgeable and specialized in steel structure products along with a team of well-trained, technical and skilled workers.

Professional and synchronous equipment and machinery system: Shearing machine, CNC drilling machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, Automatic beam welding line for light and heavy structures, Beam straightening machine, Automatic shot/grit blasting machine, Shot/grit blasting booth, etc.

The factory is equipped with an intensive quality management system IAS AC472 for steel structure products that meet American quality standards.


  • At World Steel, the Investor will receive the most detailed advice on their project from all activities and angles: Legal consulting activities, planning, detailed project design, production and construction. We are among the few EPC General Contractors that can provide a complete suite of solutions, complete implementation, bring a seamless experience to your project from the leading experts in the industry.
  • Advanced quality management system for the system to operate and ensure homogeneity, fully fulfill commitments on product quality: AS Standard (Australian Standard), ISO 9001, ISO 45001, IAS AC472 (We are the first and only Vietnamese company to achieve this certificate).
  • The factory with a capacity of 2000 tons/month is equipped with professional and modern equipment and machinery.
  • Hundreds of investors and clients are leading companies and corporations in Vietnam such as: Hoa Phat, Sunpro Steel, Hai Dai Group, GPPD, Tongwei Group, SCG, Long Son Petrochemical, MFC, Le Tran, CP, Tan Hiep Phat Group, Sun Tech,… in many fields, many industries choose World Steel to implement the projects. Successful projects not only in domestic and international markets are highly appreciated by clients for quality: Tien Giang Tongwei, Hai Duong Tongwei, Binh Phuoc GPPD Factory, Binh Phuoc CPV Food, Dung Quat Hoa Phat, Sunpro steel mill, Coca Cola warehouse (Philippines), 7-Eleven (Thailand), Kanata (Myanmar), GreedFeed (Cambodia),… You can refer here.
  • Many demanding international markets (USA, Australia,…) have chosen World Steel’s steel structure products because our products are superior in quality.
  • Warranty policies and activities on finished project products are carried out methodically and professionally.
  • Optimal price with excellent design solutions.


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Application Groups Of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings & Steel Structures In The Construction Industry

Pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures are advanced and popular construction solutions in the construction industry today, widely applied in industrial, commercial and civil works, including factories, high-rise buildings, bridges and other infrastructure works.

Pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures have many benefits, including flexibility, fast construction speed, good bearing capacity, ease of maintenance and repair, high aesthetics as well as reusability and environmental friendliness. You can refer to the previous article here: 6 amazing advantages of steel structure for construction works.

Therefore, they are becoming a popular choice for many investors and contractors in the construction industry.


Typical projects such as: workshops, factories, warehouses, cold storages, steel mills, assemby plants, steel structure systems for petrochemical projects, etc.


Typical projects such as: greenhouses, livestock farms, fertilizer factories, animal feed factories, etc.


Typical projects such as: fair – exhibition centers, supermarkets/hypermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, commercial complexes, gas stations, etc.


Typical projects such as: hospitals, schools, airport terminals, railway stations,…


Typical projects such as: sports centers, gymnasiums, swimming pools, stadiums, etc.

Featured projects we have worked on:

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6 Amazing Advantages Of Steel Structure For Construction Works


Steel structures are pre-fabricated at the factory and then transported to the construction site and erected by bolts, so the construction time is shortened to only about 1/3 compared to the construction time of traditional concrete houses, helping the project to be quickly put into use.


Pre-engineered steel buildings claim to exceed large spans up to 100m, pre-engineered steel buildings can be flexibly applied in many projects, especially commercial centers, exhibition centers, airports,…


Because of the lightweight of steel buildings, lighter foundation requirements result in significant cost reductions. In addition, the shortened construction period greatly reduces labor costs at the construction site.


The components of the steel building are linked together through bolts and pre-designed connection faces, so the expansion is flexible and does not take much time and cost.


Reduce the load pressure on the foundation compared to traditional concrete construction. In addition, with a lightweight structural frame system, help to limit the effects of seismic problems.


Pre-engineered steel buildings are suitable for many types of finishing materials such as corrugated iron, wood, glass, brick, etc.

Hundreds of projects are used by WorldSteel Group with this solution to implement in Vietnam and international markets. Refer here: Our Project.

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Notice: Addresses Of Official Representative Offices Of WorldSteel Group In The Philippines

Southeast Asia is currently one of the fastest growing markets in Asia and in the world, recognized in all aspects of the market economy, especially in export-oriented industries. Quickly grasping the development trend of the market, World Steel has invested in establishing representative offices in the Philippines. 

The establishment of World Steel’s representative offices in the Philippines is an important milestone expressing World Steel’s desire in providing optimal solutions, high quality products and perfect client service in the Philippines market in particular and Southeast Asia in general. This event continues to affirm World Steel’s outstanding efforts and commitment to quality, consolidate its leading position in Vietnam and realize its vision to become a leading steel structure company in terms of comprehensive efficiency by 2027 according to the principles of the Business Philosophy.


  • Manila: Unit 1828 – Tower B – SOLEMARE PARKSUITES, Lot 5A, Bradco Avenue, ASEANA Business Park, Barangay Tambo, Paranaque City, Philippines.
  • Cebu: Unit SV2022 Sunvida Tower, Across SM City, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines.

The establishment of World Steel’s representative office in the Philippines is an important milestone expressing World Steel’s desire in providing solutions and services, and the desire to bring the best products to the market with the perfect companion policy and responsibility. Besides, it also shows World Steel’s commitment to many of our partners and clients over the years here.

At the same time, this is also a remarkable leap in the company’s development for markets, demonstrating World Steel’s desire to conquer international markets.

We believe that these Representative Offices will have many effective activities, contributing to maintaining and improving service quality, support client care and strengthen partners’ trust in World Steel’s solutions and products in the Philippines.

EPC Contract Signing Ceremony Between World Steel And Sun-Tech Mechanical Components Company

On March 20, 2023, the Sun-tech Mechanical Components Co., Ltd Investor and WORLD STEEL cooperated to organize the SUN-TECH Mechanical Components Co., Ltd. Factory Project Construction EPC Contract Signing Ceremony.


On the investor side:

  • Mr. Lyu Jun – General Director
  • Together with the members of the SUN-TECH leadership

On the WORLD STEEL side:

  • Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman & General Director
  • Together with members of the leadership

The ceremony was attended by the representative of the investor, Mr. Lyu Jun and Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – representative of the general contractor.

The two sides officially sign the contract, marking a sustainable cooperation milestone.

Project information:

  • Project name: Sun-tech Mechanical Components Co., Ltd. Factory
  • Project scale: 15,360m²
  • Investor: SUN-TECH Mechanical Components Company.
  • General contractor: World Steel participates in the project as the EPC Contractor of Design & Construction for the whole project.

Perspective photos of the project:

Here are some photos of 2 businesses at the contract signing ceremony of the project cooperation:

Sunpro Steel factory complex – World Steel implements consulting – design – production – construction

SUNPRO STEEL Steel Mill – a key project of HAU GIANG province, with a scale of 17.5 hectares, designed, manufactured and constructed by World Steel, is in the finishing stage. A complex factory complicated with many scale items with very large steel structures is the most obvious highlight of the project.

You can follow some information about the project we have posted here:

  • Notice of project implementation: details
  • The process of erection to complete the project: details

In the Steel Structure industry in particular and the Industrial Contractors industry in Vietnam in general, we always keep in mind that we must do the best in our expertise, bring to Clients the best Quality products, in line with the company’s principles of sustainable development.

The proud journey of our team at the Sunpro project is a process of closely accompanying the Investor, Supervision Consultant, which is clearly shown through each photo, each stage of implementation: Consulting – Optimization – Design – Manufacturing – Construction – Meet The Progress is the best proof of the capabilities of World Steel, which can bring to Clients and contribute to the construction of the country’s Industrial infrastructure.


WorldSteel Group – Happy International Women’s Day

On the morning of March 8, 2023, at the new Office Building in Long An, World Steel organized to give flowers & gifts to female staff to honor and appreciate the contributions of women – an important and indispensable part in the development of the Company.

This is one of the annual cultural activities held at the Company. We all understand that, in order to make everything more perfect, more organized, and more beautiful, there must be women’s hands.

Amidst the rigors of the construction industry in general and the steel industry in particular, steel roses not only bring experience, sophistication, enthusiasm but also thoughtfulness in all tasks, wisdom in all decisions along with versatility and the burden of heavy responsibilities.

The event is even more special for the WS team because this is also the first event held in the new office building, on the first day the whole team gathered to work here. Each gift, each fresh flower is prepared as a substitute for gratitude from colleagues and company leaders for women’s contributions to the company.

Heartfelt sharing at the ceremony: The company’s leadership, management levels and many colleagues sent their sincere gratitude to the sisters.

Below are photos and beautiful moments of this year's International Women's Day at World Steel

World Steel erects Hau Giang Sunpro Steel factory complex

The complex of steel mills of Sunpro Steel, with a scale of 17.5 hectares, designed, manufactured and constructed by World Steel, is entering the finishing stage.

The project is located at Phu Huu A concentrated industrial cluster, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang province, is one of the key projects of Hau Giang province in particular and the Mekong Delta region in general. The project, when put into operation, will bring great significance to the locality, in which it will bring many jobs for local workers, contributing to the development of the province.

Hau Giang Sunpro Steel is a construction project that is assessed to be very complex because of the technical characteristics of the project, with very large components, with the nature of a heavy industrial production project, many items of the future large-scale steel factory. Everything is forming under the daily efforts of the World Steel technical team along with the joint effort and support from the Investor and Supervision Consultant. Construction and safety measures are strictly controlled from many sides including: World Steel contractor, Investor and Supervision Consultant.

The beautiful scene when the construction is in the final stage, the large components are fully erected is the clearest demonstration of World Steel’s synchronous production and construction capacity with key and large-scale projects such as Sunpro Steel.