WorldSteel Construction Joint Stock Company Reopens On The New Year Day

The meeting at the beginning of the new year is a bell marking the prosperity, bringing luck, fortune and helping business activities of the business be favorable and prosperous throughout the year.

Begin the Spring round of pleasures is also an opportunity for the Board of Directors and employees of the Company to meet after the Tet holiday, to send peaceful and beautiful wishes to each other on the occasion of the New Year. From there, strengthen the solidarity and cohesion between the individual and the collective, join hands and make every effort for the main goals of the whole business.

On the morning of February 12th (ie, the 8th day of the Lunar New Year), WORLD STEEL Construction Joint Stock Company jubilantly “Begin the Spring round of pleasures” of the Year of the Pig, with the expectation that the business will enter a new year with an inspiring spirit.

The reopening ceremony was attended by the Board of Directors and the entire staff of the Company. In the bustling atmosphere of the new spring, everyone wishes each other to have good health and peace, starting a working year with much luck and success for the WORLD STEEL family.

Besides the best wishes, all staffs also received lucky money at the beginning of the year.

In the joy, the glee of the early days of the year, everyone cheered each other to have a new year of good health, success, and a belief about the sustainable development of the Company in the New Year.

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