World Steel organizes Mid-Autumn Festival gift distribution for employees

Another Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and it is a meaningful cultural event at World Steel, serving as a connection to the traditional Vietnamese culture and the bond of the World Steel family. Various meaningful activities took place within the company, including a gathering to exchange meaningful gifts, such as sweet and warm mooncakes, to all employees of the company.

Each mooncake was carefully prepared, carrying a special traditional flavor. We want to express our deep care and gratitude to each individual within the World Steel team for their contributions and efforts during the past period.

World Steel hopes that with this small gift, the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival will spread and create a spirit of unity and solidarity among the employees.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival of reunion! We hope that members of the World Steel family have wonderful moments, a Mid-Autumn season filled with love, joy, and meaning with their families and loved ones.


World Steel Cup 2023 closing and awards ceremony

After more than 3 weeks of active and exciting competition, the World Steel Cup 2023 football tournament ended with the final match on August 26, 2023, the final results were as follows:

  • Best player of the tournament: Nguyen Minh Dat (HD SAISON)
  • Best goalkeeper of the tournament: Nguyen Trong Hieu (HCMC STEEL CLUB)

The closing and awards ceremony of the World Steel Cup 2023 took place on the same day, with the presence of representatives from the organizing unit – World Steel Construction Joint Stock Company, 10 teams participating in the tournament and hundreds of fans and spectators supporting this event.

The WorldSteel Cup 2023 tournament kicks off from August 12 to August 27, 2023 with the participation of teams from the following units:


  • World Steel Construction Joint Stock Company – Office Team
  • HCMC Steel Club Team
  • Vietland Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company Team
  • SMC Trading Investment Joint Stock Company Team
  • Khai Nguyen Joint Stock Company Team


  • World Steel Construction Joint Stock Company – Factory Team
  • HD SAISON Finance Co.,Ltd
  • Nguyen Phuong Insulation Co., Ltd.
  • Chuong Duong Beverages Joint Stock Company
  • NETPA Production Trading Import Export Co., Ltd.


WorldSteel Group’s 11 ͭ ͪ birthday celebration party

On the evening of August 26, 2023, WorldSteel Group’s 11th birthday celebration party was held at Kalina Tan Phu. The party took place in a warm and intimate atmosphere between the Board of Directors and all employees of the WorldSteel Group family. Besides, the event also had the presence of guests who are clients, close partners of World Steel, and representatives of teams participating in the 2023 World Steel Cup football tournament.

Established on August 28, 2012, through the process of non-stop development, WorldSteel Group has so far become a pioneer and leading prestigious unit in the field of industrial construction contractors in Vietnam, we have performed many large and small projects, spreading from South to North. Reaching out further to potential markets such as the US, Australia, Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia,…) with hundreds of steel structure export projects. This is the clearest evidence for the increasingly strong development of WorldSteel Group.

WorldSteel Group is gradually becoming more mature day by day, with the theme “UNITY TEAM – SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION”, the Company’s Board of Directors has shared enthusiasm and motivation to the employee collective. The road ahead still has many thorns, difficulties and challenges, hope that the World Steel collective will always unite, make efforts to dedicate together to bring World Steel further and stronger.


WorldSteel Group – Happy International Women’s Day

On the morning of March 8, 2023, at the new Office Building in Long An, World Steel organized to give flowers & gifts to female staff to honor and appreciate the contributions of women – an important and indispensable part in the development of the Company.

This is one of the annual cultural activities held at the Company. We all understand that, in order to make everything more perfect, more organized, and more beautiful, there must be women’s hands.

Amidst the rigors of the construction industry in general and the steel industry in particular, steel roses not only bring experience, sophistication, enthusiasm but also thoughtfulness in all tasks, wisdom in all decisions along with versatility and the burden of heavy responsibilities.

The event is even more special for the WS team because this is also the first event held in the new office building, on the first day the whole team gathered to work here. Each gift, each fresh flower is prepared as a substitute for gratitude from colleagues and company leaders for women’s contributions to the company.

Heartfelt sharing at the ceremony: The company’s leadership, management levels and many colleagues sent their sincere gratitude to the sisters.

Below are photos and beautiful moments of this year's International Women's Day at World Steel

WorldSteel Group Organized An Energetic Spring Opening

On January 30, 2022 (the 9th of the Lunar New Year), World Steel held the Spring opening of the Lunar New Year 2023 in a warm and intimate atmosphere at the new office in Long An, in order to wish for a favorable and lucky working year.

As a highlight in Word Steel’s corporate culture, the first meeting of the year is an opportunity for the Board of Directors and employees to gather and exchange best wishes for aspirations in the new year.

Giving each other warm and friendly hugs.

During the meeting, the Board of Directors of the Company gave meaningful spring opening speeches with best wishes to all employees. Many meaningful messages were shared on the opening day of spring, hundreds of hearts beat together. Together, we will achieve great success. Steadfast in the journey of “Building Trust, Assurring Success“. 

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director shared at the meeting.

World Steel’s people join the same heartbeat.

As an important and inseparable part of the ceremony to open the spring at the beginning of the year, World Steel’s Board of Directors sends all employees lucky money at the beginning of the year, starting a new year full of excitement and enthusiasm. World Steel would like to spread positive energy, happiness and love. May all your wishes get fulfilled in the New Year of the Cat.


WorldSteel Group – Inauguration ceremony of the second new office building in Long An

On the afternoon of January 14, 2023, the inauguration ceremony of the second office building in Long An of WorldSteel Group took place very solemnly, marking a strong turning point in the development journey of World Steel. Long An WorldSteel Group Building is located at Lot Q9-10-15-16, St. No.7, Hai Son Industrial Park (Phase 3+4), Duc Hoa Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.

In 10 years of establishment and development, World Steel has resonated in the industrial construction industry with many industrial construction general contractor projects in Vietnam, notably with projects in many industrial parks from North to South. Among them are prominent projects such as the General Contractor of Tien Giang Tongwei project, Hai Duong Tongwei belonging to Tongwei Group, Hau Giang Sunpro Steel complex project, Tay Ninh Brotex yarn factory project Phase 3+4, the General contractor of the advanced battery factory complex project invested by Singapore GPPD Energy Co., Ltd in Binh Phuoc, many bidding packages at Dung Quat – Quang Ngai Hoa Phat project,…

Along with that, there are national key projects: World Steel participates in the Long Son petrochemical project with the package H&I-8 warehouse 2 along with promoting the export of steel structures to foreign markets, especially in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Australia, USA, etc. Among them, World Steel is most proud of the US market. Up to now, we are also the first company in Vietnam and Asia to achieve the AC472 certificate, a quality management system for official steel structure products to be exported to the US market.

In 2019, marking a remarkable development and transformation process is the event that World Steel’s first office building was built at 55 Le Thuc Hoach, Phu Tho Hoa, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City.

After only a short time with sustainable development orientation and goals, we have affirmed our reputation in the market and received the trust of hundreds of partners, clients who are foreign corporations, leading companies in Vietnam when acting as the General Contractor of a series of large industrial construction projects, exporting many steel structure projects to the international market. The great development of WorldSteel Group in recent years has led to the growth of the human resources apparatus, along with the requirement for a new working space. Determining that the Company’s greatest asset is people, the Board of Directors has advocated building a large-scale headquarters, not only to expand business activities but also to create a convenient, comfortable environment, stimulating creativity for employees.

With the enthusiasm of the team, the Building is completely designed with steel structure solutions, manufactured by World Steel Long An factory itself. The completion of the project in a short time from the design, production and construction stages has partly demonstrated the superiority of the steel structure solution that the company brings to the construction market. The building is cared for in every detail, completed with full functions, multi-utilities: open workspace, green landscape, park, many relaxation areas. The biggest desire of the Board of Directors is: WorldSteel Group Long An becomes a true “second home” so that all employees can work with peace of mind and be happy with their workplace.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director spoke at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Founder, Chairman and General Director of the company shared and answered the questions of hundreds of partners and clients: Why does World Steel make investment while the general picture of the construction industry is not very positive? Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam affirmed that the investment is in the direction of World Steel for many years of establishment, focusing and reaffirming the company’s sustainable development strategy is the strongest evidence for perseverance with the goals set by the company. Besides, 2022 is also the year witnessing the company’s rapid development in both domestic and foreign markets with many large and key projects implemented and completed. The office building in Long An prioritizes focusing on the operation team with the desire to respond quickly and promptly to activities related to production and quality, to respond quickly to the needs of domestic and international clients.

Mr. Pham Van Triem - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tan Phuoc Thinh spoke at the Inauguration Ceremony of World Steel Long An building

Below are the opening photos of WorldSteel Group's new building:

The inauguration ceremony took place in the joy of the entire Board of Directors and employees of the Company (representatives of members in the system)

The Board of Directors and distinguished guests cut the ribbon to inaugurate the building

World Steel Long An Building is the pride of World Steel People


The press shared about the inauguration ceremony of the WorldSteel Group office building in Long An

Worldsteel Group’s Establishment Anniversary: 10 Years Journey Of Construction And Development

In a decade of establishment and development: Witnessing many miracles achieved: WorldSteel Group is proud to be the only company in Asia that has achieved the prestigious American AC 472 quality certificate, from small home improvement projects, from building beautiful small townhouses to building large-scale feed mills, modern production complexes, to brilliant high-rise buildings.

We have been here for 10 years, firmly in the face of market challenges, our team has experienced many ups and downs, WorldSteel Group has made a good impression on customers, partners and suppliers through constantly improving the quality of its services and products. During the past journey, each success or difficulty encountered are valuable lessons for WorldSteel Group to continue to improve and develop sustainably.

The gala dinner was opened with special musical performances from the band.

The ceremony is very skillfully led by MC My Duyen

In this warm party night, we are very honored to welcome guests, companions, benefactors,… special people from: Senior leaders of partner businesses, customers, suppliers and all employees, especially we always have family by our side.

Speaking at the ceremory, Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director expressed his gratitude to customers, partners, suppliers and all employees of WorldSteel, at the same time clearly stated the orientation and The Company’s business philosophy has been maintained since the early days of its establishment. Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam shared: “My wish is to show the whole world that Vietnamese people, although small, can accomplish great things.”

We’ve been here together for a decade of opening, creating and developing, that’s why we honor and recognize the real World Steel people who are always united in building and cultivating wholeheartedly from the things that matter. The smallest sincerity for the dream of a brave Captain, all the positive contributions and perseverance accompanying WorldSteel Group are the most beautiful highlights in the past 10 years.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam - Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Nguyen Van Hien - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors awarded medals, flowers & cash to members who have accompanied World Steel in the 10-year journey of construction and developmen

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors congratulated and deeply thanked the honored individuals, and wished each employee to continue to stick with and continuously contribute to the development of WorldSteel Group in the future.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hien - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors awarded certificates of merit, flowers & cash to Managers who have actively contributed to the construction and development of World Steel in recent years

Mr. Ma Van Vien - Executive Vice President and Mr. Huynh Phong Lam - Director of Human Resources awarded certificates of merit, flowers & cash to employees who have made positive contributions to World Steel in recent years.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hien - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors presented Crystal Award, flowers & cash to Mr. Mark - Head of Representative Office in the Philippines

In addition, many special musical performances from the band, along with homegrown karaoke performances by the company’s members, made the atmosphere of the ceremony more exciting, fun and full of emotions.

The gala dinner closed the series of events to celebrate WorldSteel Group’s 10th Anniversary, marking an important development milestone of WorldSteel Group. With a 10-year journey of construction and growth, WorldSteel Group can be proud of its achievements, and at the same time have more foundations and confidence in the sustainable development future of the WorldSteel Group brand.


It’s great that we’re all here together, Thank you all, Today marks 10 Years of Journey, the day you accompany us to Conquer the World.

2022 Sports Festival: Celebrating 10 years of WorldSteel Group

A strong collective is built on the core foundation of the cohesion of the members inside. Therefore, the team building activity is held annually at WorldSteel Group with the purpose not only to helping members have the opportunity to have fun together, exchange, learn and increase solidarity but also create motivation to help everyone be more excited and confident to be ready to take the next step in building a stronger WorldSteel Group in the future. It has become an extremely important activity and a typical cultural feature, attracting the attention and enthusiasm of all employees.

This sports festival with the theme "Change To Grow" carries the message of WorldSteel Group's efforts, determination, and readiness to adapt to any changes in order to promote strong internal strength, creating momentum for the transformation ahead.

“WorldSteel Group 2022 Sports Festival”, a highlight in the series of events to celebrate WorldSteel Group’s 10th Anniversary, was held on August 27, 2022 at Sport Plus Football Stadium with the participation of The Board of Directors and more than 200 employees from the office and World Steel factory.


The members are divided into 8 teams. Through many physical games, the members are like enthusiastic “warriors”, burning with all their heart, using collective strength to overcome challenges.

Exploring together, exchanging together, it is the activities with many dynamic games that bind them together to help us understand each other better and become closer. The Board of Directors, all levels of management and employees together hand in hand, everyone is happy and eager to participate in team games. At this point, it seems that there is no longer a difference between office and factory members, but in each person’s mind there is only one common roof, World Steel.

The members participated in many exciting team games, which required high solidarity and determination to overcome challenges. After a team building session at a sports festival together, the members learned great lessons about teamwork and collective spirit, realizing the power of solidarity in team games to win together such as: Team Pants, Victory Road, Team Rescue, and Success Road. Each member is a color that adorns the overall success of the WorldSteel Group 2022 Sports Festival.


The joy of all the teams is the smile, the victory, the encouraging rewards. Moreover, it is the spirit of solidarity, becoming a united team, standing side by side to reach the finish line.


WorldSteel Group and Tan Phuoc Thinh organized a friendly football match and the year-end party of H&I-8 project

On January 15, 2022, World Steel Construction Joint Stock Company and Tan Phuoc Thinh Investment & Construction Joint Stock Company held a friendly football match at Tan Phuoc Thinh football field and the year-end party of the H&I-8 project at Vung Tau Palace Hotel, marking the successful cooperation of the H&I-8 package under the Long Son petrochemical complex project.

The event is an opportunity for both companies: Tan Phuoc Thinh and World Steel to mark a milestone in more than a year of project cooperation and open a new chapter for the cooperation between the two units in the next projects in the future. Previously, World Steel and Tan Phuoc Thinh signed a cooperation contract to deploy the H&I-8 package under the Long Son petrochemical project complex on September 29, 2020. After the process of implementation efforts, up to now, the project has been successfully completed.


Attractive, exciting and equally dramatic is the atmosphere of the friendly football match between World Steel and Tan Phuoc Thinh. At 14:20, the two teams entered the competition. After the official time of the match, with the score of 2-2, the two teams World Steel and Tan Phuoc Thinh entered the penalty shootout. The final score was 7-6, in favor of the World Steel team.

WorldSteel Group team (right) and Tan Phuoc Thinh team (left) took photos together before starting the match

The match took place in a very interesting atmosphere

With a score of 2-2, the two teams entered the penalty shootout to decide the winner

In the end, the WorldSteel Group team won with a score of 7-6


At 5:00 p.m., the year-end party for the H&I-8 project of Long Son Petrochemical Complex officially started. The party took place in a joyful, intimate atmosphere, filled with the joy of the two companies, mixed with the spirit of cooperation, cohesion and development together.

Mr. Pham Van Triem – Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Tan Phuoc Thinh company thanked World Steel and affirmed that Tan Phuoc Thinh will continue to cooperate with World Steel in the next projects.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of World Steel Company highly appreciated the efforts of the two companies in the project implementation process. Especially after more than a year of working, WorldS Steel and Tan Phuoc Thinh have understood each other better.

The H&I-8 project leadership team was honored at the event, the efforts of all have greatly contributed to the success of the project.

H&I-8 is a testament to the beginnings of WorldSteel Group and Tan Phuoc Thinh, the two sides have trusted, worked closely, respected the commitment to bring about good results, the complete belief and sincerity of the Boards of Directors of the 2 companies from the very first day of signing.

Sincere thanks to all employees of the two companies who have worked silently for the common goal of the project, especially the non-stop contribution of the Site Management Board for the project implementation of the two companies.

Sending gratitude to our partners, material suppliers, supervision consultant, the project management board of the investor who has accompanied us to meet the 100% trust of the Investor.

Sending deep thanks to the LSP Leaders for creating the best opportunity and conditions for us to carry out this project.

Video of WorldSteel Group completes H&I-8 package of Long Son Petrochemical Project

Worldsteel Group Starts Construction Of New Office

On the morning of December 28, 2021, at Hai Son Industrial Park, Long An, WorldSteel Group held a groundbreaking ceremony to build a new office. The project is built to serve the new development orientation of the company. The ceremony is pleased to welcome the attendance of the Board of Directors and employees working at the Factory.

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