World Steel Export Steel Structure To Myanmar

On February 12th, 2019, the steel structures of the Kanata project were officially packed at WORLD STEEL Construction Joint Stock Company factory for export to Myanmar.

To serve the project, the factory has arranged the construction area scientifically, with sufficient equipment and machinery for processing steel structures. Regarding human resources, WORLD STEEL mobilizes maximum engineers and workers for the project at this peak period.

Over the past years, the factory has been invested in a synchronized manner with many equipment and improved machines. The team working directly at the factory consists of experienced engineers greatly contributing the intelligence to the product.

Products are increasingly high precision, can meet the most demanding requirements. These are important factors for the Factory to be able to implement this project well.

In addition to the Kanata project, the factory of WORLD STEEL Construction Joint Stock Company is also preparing for the next projects of the year.

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