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Coca Cola Warehouse Project

WorldSteel Construction Joint Stock Company (WorldSteel Group) has completed the steel structure export project of the Coca Cola Company warehouse in the Philippines. This is considered a milestone marking the first step of WorldSteel Group to the potential Philippines market.

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. is a large company with its head office in the Philippines in the field of bottling and distributing of Coca Cola products for this country.

In the Coca Cola Warehouse project, WorldSteel Group has been trusted by partner to entrust the design, manufacturing and steel structure category. With the experience of implementing thousands of warehouses, workshops, factories projects of steel structures, WorldSteel Group always puts quality and precision at the forefront when processing steel structure.

And also in this project, WorldSteel Group has demonstrated surpassed production capacity when deployed and implemented large volume of steel structures production in just 14 days, on schedule and ensure absolute technical requirements. At the same time, all products and steel components are subject to strict control from factory’s QA/QC Department before the products released and shipped to the Philippines.


Worldsteel Group is the first company in Asia to achieved IAS AC472 certificate, a very important certificate for construction companies which export steel structure to the US – an extremely difficult market. Achieving IAS AC472 certificate helps affirm our capacity as well as to create customer trust and peace of mind for our customers.

This project marks the first and impressive step of WorldSteel Group in the potential Philippines market. That demonstrates the strong development of the company in terms of quality and service and has been trusted by the international market.

Currently, some countries such as the United States, Guam, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia,… are the countries that WorldSteel Group has exported steel structure and in the near future, WorldSteel Group will continue to promote the export market, further into the potential markets in the ASEAN region and the world, especially the high-end markets such as Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, the Middle East,…

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