WorldSteel Group implements the top-scale Tea and Coffee Showroom project in Bao Loc

In June 2020, WorldSteel Group has cooperated with the owner of Sandals Joint Stock Company to implement Bao Loc Showroom project.

In today’s modern business, organizing exhibitions and product displays is an indispensable need for businesses. Showrooms play a very important role in the orientation and segmentation of product lines, attracting customers to visit, creating a unique display space, showing professionalism, and asserting the quality as well as the brand strength of the business.

Architectural solutions and steel structures are one of the decisive factors for the success of a showroom. Creating a beautiful space impresses visitors, which contributes significantly to brand identity.

The pre-engineered steel building has long been considered the leading structural solution and is the preferred choice for showroom projects such as cars, food, service industries, etc. with outstanding advantages such as: large span ability, faster completion progress than traditional concrete house method, etc.

Bao Loc showroom is the most outstanding tea and coffee showroom project in Bao Loc city today, this is a strategic project of the investor. Therefore, being trusted by the investor to be the main contractor to undertake the following items: steel structure production, covering,… has proven WorldSteel Group’s capacity. For us, this is an important project, a prelude to the cooperation of WorldSteel Group and the investor of Sandals Joint Stock Company. Currently, WorldSteel Group is implementing the items with a commitment to ensure standards of design, engineering and quality.

WorldSteel Group is proud to be the first choice of well-known domestic and foreign investors as well as corporations. We provide effective construction solutions that meet the increasing demands of today’s construction industry. Not only that, we also provide superior quality steel structure products according to the American quality standard IAS AC472, contributing to the brand name of WorldSteel Group in Vietnam and international markets.

WORLDSTEEL Welcome International Labor Day 01/05

May begins with the International Labor Day, also known as International Workers’ Day in some countries, is a national, public holiday in many countries across the world. This is not just an occasion to honor the achievements of labourers and the working classes, but also an occasion for all employees to rest and take a break after a period of hard work. 

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