EPC Contract Signing Ceremony Between World Steel And Sun-Tech Mechanical Components Company

On March 20, 2023, the Sun-tech Mechanical Components Co., Ltd Investor and WORLD STEEL cooperated to organize the SUN-TECH Mechanical Components Co., Ltd. Factory Project Construction EPC Contract Signing Ceremony.


On the investor side:

  • Mr. Lyu Jun – General Director
  • Together with the members of the SUN-TECH leadership

On the WORLD STEEL side:

  • Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman & General Director
  • Together with members of the leadership

The ceremony was attended by the representative of the investor, Mr. Lyu Jun and Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – representative of the general contractor.

The two sides officially sign the contract, marking a sustainable cooperation milestone.

Project information:

  • Project name: Sun-tech Mechanical Components Co., Ltd. Factory
  • Project scale: 15,360m²
  • Investor: SUN-TECH Mechanical Components Company.
  • General contractor: World Steel participates in the project as the EPC Contractor of Design & Construction for the whole project.

Perspective photos of the project:

Here are some photos of 2 businesses at the contract signing ceremony of the project cooperation:

Sunpro Steel factory complex – World Steel implements consulting – design – production – construction

SUNPRO STEEL Steel Mill – a key project of HAU GIANG province, with a scale of 17.5 hectares, designed, manufactured and constructed by World Steel, is in the finishing stage. A complex factory complicated with many scale items with very large steel structures is the most obvious highlight of the project.

You can follow some information about the project we have posted here:

  • Notice of project implementation: details
  • The process of erection to complete the project: details

In the Steel Structure industry in particular and the Industrial Contractors industry in Vietnam in general, we always keep in mind that we must do the best in our expertise, bring to Clients the best Quality products, in line with the company’s principles of sustainable development.

The proud journey of our team at the Sunpro project is a process of closely accompanying the Investor, Supervision Consultant, which is clearly shown through each photo, each stage of implementation: Consulting – Optimization – Design – Manufacturing – Construction – Meet The Progress is the best proof of the capabilities of World Steel, which can bring to Clients and contribute to the construction of the country’s Industrial infrastructure.


World Steel erects Hau Giang Sunpro Steel factory complex

The complex of steel mills of Sunpro Steel, with a scale of 17.5 hectares, designed, manufactured and constructed by World Steel, is entering the finishing stage.

The project is located at Phu Huu A concentrated industrial cluster, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang province, is one of the key projects of Hau Giang province in particular and the Mekong Delta region in general. The project, when put into operation, will bring great significance to the locality, in which it will bring many jobs for local workers, contributing to the development of the province.

Hau Giang Sunpro Steel is a construction project that is assessed to be very complex because of the technical characteristics of the project, with very large components, with the nature of a heavy industrial production project, many items of the future large-scale steel factory. Everything is forming under the daily efforts of the World Steel technical team along with the joint effort and support from the Investor and Supervision Consultant. Construction and safety measures are strictly controlled from many sides including: World Steel contractor, Investor and Supervision Consultant.

The beautiful scene when the construction is in the final stage, the large components are fully erected is the clearest demonstration of World Steel’s synchronous production and construction capacity with key and large-scale projects such as Sunpro Steel.


WorldSteel Group completed the Tay Ninh Brotex Colored Yarn Factory project

As one of the largest grade I projects in Phuoc Dong Industrial Park, Go Dau District, Tay Ninh, this project was built in 2013 with a total scale of 110 hectares. Currently, the project is entering phase 5, invested by Brotex (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.


  • Total scale: 110 hectares
  • Type of work: Production plant complex (Grade I)

WorldSteel Group as an Industrial General Contractor in Vietnam with many years of experience in the field, not only a D&B General Contractor, our professional factory with the production capacity and a steel structure product quality management system that meets American standards AC472 (Only in Vietnam for many years, our World Steel is the first and only company to achieve this quality management system) has accompanied the investor to complete the project of phases 4 & 5 in accordance with the set goals and expectations.

For us, each project is a great highlight, solidifying the foundation of our success, demonstrating the absolute trust of clients in the product and execution capacity of our team.

In order for the project to be completed thoroughly, it is a unified effort of the whole team. In particular, we have the support and help from the investor, supervision consultants, partners who are sub-contractors and suppliers for the project. Sincere thanks to all of you and partners. We believe that as long as we all stand together, there will be more brilliant achievements in the future.


World Steel starts implementing Hau Giang SunPro Steel Factory project

Hau Giang SunPro Steel Factory Project is invested by SunPro Steel Company Limited, with a design capacity of 500,000 tons/year, the total investment is expected to be 67 million USD. The factory has an area of about 17.5 hectares located in Phu Huu A concentrated industrial cluster, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang province.


  • Project name: SunPro Steel Factory – Phase 1
  • Investor: SUNPRO STEEL
  • Field: Heavy industry
  • Location: Phu Huu A concentrated industrial cluster, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang province
  • Total volume of phase 1: More than 3000 tons
  • Scope of work: Steel structure general contractor


In this project, WorldSteel Group participates as the general contractor of steel structure for the complex of steel manufacturing and rolling mills SunPro Steel. Currently, the implementation items are being focused on production and construction by WorldSteel Group in order to bring the best quality international standard steel structure products for this key project. At the same time, commit to the schedule and plan set out in order to bring the most optimal value to the investor of the project.

WorldSteel Group implements the top-scale Tea and Coffee Showroom project in Bao Loc

In June 2020, WorldSteel Group has cooperated with the owner of Sandals Joint Stock Company to implement Bao Loc Showroom project.

In today’s modern business, organizing exhibitions and product displays is an indispensable need for businesses. Showrooms play a very important role in the orientation and segmentation of product lines, attracting customers to visit, creating a unique display space, showing professionalism, and asserting the quality as well as the brand strength of the business.

Architectural solutions and steel structures are one of the decisive factors for the success of a showroom. Creating a beautiful space impresses visitors, which contributes significantly to brand identity.

The pre-engineered steel building has long been considered the leading structural solution and is the preferred choice for showroom projects such as cars, food, service industries, etc. with outstanding advantages such as: large span ability, faster completion progress than traditional concrete house method, etc.

Bao Loc showroom is the most outstanding tea and coffee showroom project in Bao Loc city today, this is a strategic project of the investor. Therefore, being trusted by the investor to be the main contractor to undertake the following items: steel structure production, covering,… has proven WorldSteel Group’s capacity. For us, this is an important project, a prelude to the cooperation of WorldSteel Group and the investor of Sandals Joint Stock Company. Currently, WorldSteel Group is implementing the items with a commitment to ensure standards of design, engineering and quality.

WorldSteel Group is proud to be the first choice of well-known domestic and foreign investors as well as corporations. We provide effective construction solutions that meet the increasing demands of today’s construction industry. Not only that, we also provide superior quality steel structure products according to the American quality standard IAS AC472, contributing to the brand name of WorldSteel Group in Vietnam and international markets.