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WorldSteel Group Accompanies The Golden Ball Award 2019

WorldSteel Construction Joint Stock Company (WorldSteel Group) is proud to be the co-sponsor of the Golden Ball Award 2019.

On the morning of October 31th, the Organizing Committee of the Golden Ball Awards 2019 solemnly held a press conference at REX Hotel (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) to announce the award and the sponsors accompanying the program.

The press conference was attended by: Mr. Le Hoai Anh – General Secretary of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF); Tran Dinh Huan – Director of Thong Nhat Sports Center, General Secretary of HCMC Football Federation; Duong Vu Thong – Permanent Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Journalists Association and officials from other agencies.

For WorldSteel Group – co-sponsor of the award, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien – Vice Chairman of Board of Directors representing WorldSteel Group’s Board of Directors attended the press conference.

The Golden Ball Award 2019 will officially take place on February 13th, 2020, in honor of the players who have made great contributions to the country’s football.

Accordingly, the prize includes the following categories: Gold, silver and copper balls (Male); Gold, silver and bronze balls(Female); Balls of gold, silver and copper futsal Male); Excellent foreign player; Best young male football player (under 21); Outstanding young female player (under 21 years old).

At the press conference, the organizers also announced the total prize value up to 290 million. Specifically categorized as follow:

Men’s soccer tournament:

– Golden ball: 40,000,000 VND + trophy
– Silver ball: VND 30,000,000 + trophy
– Bronze ball: 20,000,000 VND + trophy

Women’s soccer tournament:
– Golden ball: 40,000,000 VND + trophy
– Silver ball: VND 30,000,000 + trophy
– Bronze ball: 20,000,000 VND + trophy

Futsal Player Award:
– Golden ball: VND 30,000,000 + trophy
– Silver ball: 20,000,000 VND + trophy
– Bronze ball: 15,000,000 VND + trophy

Best young male player: VND 15,000,000 + trophy
Outstanding young female player: VND 15,000,000 + trophy
Excellent foreign player: VND 15,000,000 + trophy

2019 is considered a successful year of Vietnamese football. It is the efforts, dedication and achievements football players achieved that inspired not only “king” sport lovers but also millions of children of S-shaped country.

With the desire to spread out the national spirit and sportsmanship, WorldSteel is honored to become the co-sponsor of the award, along with the football of the country, to train, develop and honor young talents

Some photos of the press conference announcing the 2019 Golden Ball Award captured by WorldSteel Group:

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