WorldSteel Leads The Export Of Steel Structures To The Usa

With the rapid development of socio-economy, in recent years, many industries have been promoted to develop, including the construction sector.

One of the new solutions for the construction industry today is the research and manufacture of a new material, which is steel structure. Steel structures are used in almost all constructions from small to large, from houses to high-rise buildings. Compared with reinforced concrete, steel structure has many outstanding advantages.

Recently, on January 11th, 2019, the first ton of steel of the Carport project, were boxed at the factory of WORLDSTEEL Construction Joint Stock Company, successfully exported to the US market. Reportedly, WORLDSTEEL Construction Joint Stock Company was the first company to export steel structures to the USA market. This project has marked an important milestone in WORLDSTEEL ‘ s export strategy. From there, we can see that the US market – famous for its fastidiousness has started to cooperate with Vietnamese businesses, confirming that the quality of steel structures produced by WORLDSTEEL has reached the international standards.

The structure is treated with anti-corrosion paint at the factory to increase durability against environmental agents. In particular, the United States has a relatively harsh climate, requiring materials that must be durable as well as surface coatings to ensure the ability to reduce the negative impact of the environment on steel structures.

With a high level of skill, advanced equipments and especially the human factor at WORLDSTEEL, the products after production are more guaranteed, more polished in each cut, finally reaching the perfect in assembling and using.

The structures after production will be wrapped with plastic, stamped and thoroughly inspected before being packed on containers and shipped to the US as scheduled.

Exporting steel structures to the US is considered an outstanding step of WORLDSTEEL in helping promote the company’s brand to major markets around the world. It is also a clear demonstration that the production and erection capacity of WORLDSTEEL has gradually occupied the leading position in the country and exported to countries around the world.

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