WORLDSTEEL – The First Vietnamese Company To Achieved The Us Ac472 Certificate

To be the first company in Vietnam to export pre-engineered steel to the US, WorldSteel has successfully passed the extremely strict Audit round from experts from International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS) – USA in June 24th – 25th 2019, to achieve IAS AC472 certificate.

After the rigorous testing and evaluation processes, WORLDSTEEL has successfully passed and achieved IAS AC 472 certificate.

Throughout these sections, WORLDSTEEL Construction Joint Stock Company has met the necessary quality assurance requirements in the steel structure construction industry.

The photos in the process of rigorous testing:

We are proud to receive the AC472 certificate, which is the result of the coordination of the entire WORLD STEEL members. This is not simply a certificate for us but also a commitment to the quality and service provided to our customers. WORLD STEEL is extremely honored and happy to achieve this groundbreaking achievement.

The most special thing is: WORLD STEEL is the first company in Asia to achieve IAS AC472 certificate in the field of steel structure.

Over the past 15 years of establishment and development, WORLD STEEL has achieved many titles but not so that we stop striving to improve, upgrade and develop with the desire to bring WORLD STEEL to a new level.

Achieving IAS AC472 certificate is a evidence to show all the WORLD STEEL systems are operating and under strict control. With IAS AC472 certificate, World Steel is the first Vietnamese company to obtain a license to export pre-engineered steel to the United States.

This certificate is the basis to add confidence to the WORLD STEEL staff to be determined to achieve future goals. WORLD STEEL is growing and reaching out of the territory of Vietnam, contributing to building the reputation of Vietnam’s steel.

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