WorldSteel Won The “Top 10 Asean Strong Brands 2018” Title In Myanmar

On 11th October – 14th October 2018, the Asian Business Development Research Center in collaboration with relevant agencies and VINABRA organized the Vietnam – Myanmar Business Conference 2018 (ASEAN BUSINESS SUMMIT 2018).

Vietnam and Myanmar are two strategic partners in ASEAN. Vietnam – Myanmar businesses in recent years have had strong and profound connections to promote economic development of the two countries in particular and ASEAN economy in general. In response to activities to celebrate 43 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Myanmar, the two countries raise their ties to strategic partners.

World Steel Joint Stock Company has achieved the “Top 10 Asean Strong Brands 2019” title in Myanmar

The Vietnam – Myanmar Business Conference 2018 (ASEAN BUSINESS PERFORMANCE 2018) has received the enthusiastic support and participation of the leaders from the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), the Embassy Vietnam in Myanmar, Central Propaganda Department, Vietnam – Myanmar Conference, Asia Pacific Economy Magazines.

In addition, the program also received the attention and participation of organizations: Asian Businesses Development Research Center, VINABRA – Vietnam Brand, HDmedia – HD Media Joint Stock Company HD. The organizers have officially awarded a certificate of honoring “Top 10 Strong Asean Brands” for the WORLD STEEL brand – Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings and 100 Vietnamese businesses to attend in Myanmar.

Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Diep, Commercial Chat (Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar) presented a medal to Mr. Le Quoc An, Representative of World Steel Joint Stock Company.

International Economic Summit 2018 is an opportunity to explore the market, potential investment areas and trade connections in Myanmar and ASEAN countries. Connecting Vietnamese businesses with the Government,  Business Associations and Organizations, Myanmar Businesses in the same fields and industries, promoting cooperation and trade between businesses of the two countries. This is also an opportunity to expose and introduce Vietnamese products and services in standard integration to Myanmar and the region; honor ASEAN’s outstanding talented CEOs; honor ASEAN strong businesses; honor the Brands, products, and high quality services that have been trusted by consumers over the years.

Businesses of the two countries take photos at the Vietnam – Myanmar Conference.

The Vietnam – Myanmar Business Conference Program – “Asean Strong Brand 2018” is a pride of World Steel Joint Stock Company in particular and of Vietnamese businesses in general. This Vietnam – Myanmar Business Conference is also very important, contributing to further strengthening the friendly and cooperative relationship between ASEAN countries, promoting businesses of the two countries to invest and build promoting and elevating the position of reputable and high quality Vietnamese brands, products and services to the ASEAN region and the world. This is also an opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to exchange, share and expand cooperation and investment connections.

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