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WorldSteel Group Strengthen The Training Program For The Entire Factory Staff

In the context that WorldSteel Group is expanding its scale of development, improving the professional qualifications for employees is essential, in which training for factory staff plays a very important role. Understanding this, WorldSteel Group has organized training seminars to improve the working capacity of each individual.

All topics are directly instructed by Dr. Nguyen Quyet Chien – Deputy General Director of WorldSteel Construction Joint Stock Company, former Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company. He is also a Vice Principal of the University of Law and Economics. In 2016, he represented CII honored to receive Forbes Certification, TOP 50 Vietnam, he was also a lecturer of Business Edge organization. He participates and teaches training courses on financial management at Business’s training partners in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Can Tho and Da Nang, etc. In particular, he also teaches Pro – CEO classes at New Vision, many students appreciate it.

For the workers at the factory, who always contribute silently to the “super gigantic” projects, work regardless of the time of day or night, they are always more worthy than anyone else to be facilitated to further improve their professional qualification.

With a wide range of topics developed such as management skills, communication skills, decision making and enforcement skills, motivational skills for employees for the position of Vice Leader and above, teamwork skills and effective time management for all employees of the Factory office. All towards a common goal that is to build a strong and professional staff at the Factory, thereby helping WSG’s operating system to become more complete and professional.

Accordingly, the training activities for each topic will be implemented synchronously and the training will be completed by the end of 2019. The sessions will be organized in phases with many specific topics to update the knowledge and skills for all employees at the Factory.

Hopefully, through the training with many diverse topics built close to the reality in the business, the WorldSteel Group employees at the Factory will have more useful skills and knowledge, thereby improving their professional qualification as well as more experience to complete the assigned work.

Some photo of the courses:

Dr. Chien – who directly teaches the training sessions for all WorldSteel Group staff

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