A Greeting On Vietnamese Women’s Day 20-10

On the occasion of October 20th, WORLDSTEEL Construction Joint Stock Company would like to send to all women the most respectful wishes and wish all the mothers, sisters and friends in Vietnam have a joyful and full of happiness day.

October 20th has become a day for everyone to honor and show their love for the women. People send the best flowers, gifts and wishes to their mothers, sisters and friends as a way to show their love to the women of their life.

The first Vietnamese women’s day was officially announced in 1930, with the meaning of celebrating and honoring the contribution of Vietnamese women in the reform process. This is the first milestone that the woman can hold an election ballot, participate in the work of social authorities and hold many important responsibilities in the Government apparatus as well as mass organizations.

Over nearly 90 years, the annual October 20th has become an indispensable special milestone when mention the major holidays of the year. For individuals, it is a day to express love and appreciation to wonderful women such as mothers, wives, lovers,… For the community, October 20th is a day to honor women with their great contributions are not only in the family but also in the development of the community.

Following the proud tradition of the generation of Vietnamese Women, the female members of WORLDSTEEL have been making their best efforts to contribute their strength and wisdom to the Company’s sustainable development. With their own efforts, many sisters have become competent managers, helping the Company grow more and more.

To obtains such remarkable results, the women always know how to keep the home fire, how to organize the work perfectly and reasonably so that they can fulfill the role of a woman and the tasks undertaken on the Company. It is praiseworthy and WorldSteel highly appreciates the role and devoted contributions with the highest sense of responsibility of the women, regardless of day and night of hard work. Although the number of women in WorldSteel does not account for the majority, but they are beautiful flowers,making further efforts to help WORLDSTEEL become more radiant.

Once again, WorldSteel would like to wish all mothers and sisters a happy and warm Vietnamese Women’s Day!

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