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WorldSteel welcomes International Women’s Day March 8th with the theme: Women Of Steel

March comes again in the joy of all, this is the month of Spring, of hope and especially the month to honor the women of the family, who are “capable of national affairs and duteous at housework”.

It can be said that International Women’s Day March 8th is a meaningful and extremely sacred day, an opportunity for all of us to send best wishes to half of the world. With such great significance, WorldSteel organized the March 8th anniversary ceremony with the theme “Women Of Steel” to recognize and appreciate the contributions of the sisters in the company.

Fruit pruning contest

Before entering the main program, the male teams began to compete in the fruit pruning contest, which is the activity that brings the most laughter and joy to all women in the company. Despite many difficulties, the brothers tried to complete their exams, the results were unique fruit plates for women on March 8th.

Tribute to the sisters attached to the company

The most special part of the program is the tribute to the women who have more than 3 years with WorldSteel. They have overcome the difficulties with the company. Their commitment and dedication have made a great contribution to the development of WorldSteel today.

Statement of the Board of Directors

In the ceremony to celebrate International Women’s Day, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien – Deputy General Director of WorldSteel Group sent a few wishes to the sisters: “Wishing half of the world in our company will always be beautiful, young and happy. You are very important factors to the success and development of the company. I hope that you will always keep your enthusiasm for the job and continue to stick with the company.”

The meeting took place in a warm and intimate atmosphere, many gifts, fresh flowers and greetings were also given to the sisters. It can be said that the biggest gift that women at WorldSteel receive is the cohesion, the interest from the Board of Directors of the company to the employees, which is also a cultural beauty of WorldSteel Group.

Some photos of the ceremony:

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