82nd Charter Day of Bacolod June 18th, 2020

Bacolod, a big city in Negros Occidental province in Western Visayas, Philippines, is famous for its diverse culinary heritage with dishes such as Napoleones, Beef Cansi, Inasal na manok, Masskara Chicken, Islaw, Batchoy,… that is considered a culinary paradise for domestic and foreign tourists. In addition, thanks to the masskara festival with the friendliness of the Bacolodons, this city is also known as the “city of smiles”.

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MEMORIAL DAY – 25/05/2020

The last second Monday of May has become a day to honor and commemorate the heroes who died in the army. On this day, Americans will visit cemeteries and memorials, Scouts will march around the graveyard area along with military personnel and members of veterans’ organizations. Everyone will clean and decorate the graves, at the same time, they will put on a branch of red poppies or place the national flags.

The first Memorial Day was known in 1868 but it was declared in 1971 by the National Assembly as a national holiday. For more than 150 years, this day has become a special and indispensable milestone of the United States. This year’s Memorial Day takes place on May 25th.

This is an opportunity to express gratitude for the dedication and great sacrifices of heroes and soldiers engraved in history as an immortal epic, an occasion to commemorate the dead in Journey to fight for the Fatherland, the elite warriors have always stayed on the battlefield.

WORLDSTEEL Welcome International Labor Day 01/05

May begins with the International Labor Day, also known as International Workers’ Day in some countries, is a national, public holiday in many countries across the world. This is not just an occasion to honor the achievements of labourers and the working classes, but also an occasion for all employees to rest and take a break after a period of hard work. 

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Worldsteel Group Implemented Tole Assembly For Furniture And Construction Factory

Tay Ninh province Furniture manufacturing and construction factory is a project on a large-scale expansion project made by Hung Thinh Steel Trading Co. Ltd with an impressively scale of 120,000m2. The project is built in Bung Binh hamlet, Hung Thinh village, Trang Bang district, Tay Ninh province. Currently, WorldSteel has implemented tole for roof and wall of 2 factories.

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WorldSteel Group Held An Opening Ceremony To Celebrate The Lunar New Year 2020

In the morning of February 3rd, 2020, (January 10th in lunar calendar), WorldSteel Construction Joint Stock Company (WorldSteel Group)  held an opening ceremony to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2020. The ceremony was attended by the management and all employees of WorldSteel Group. The ceremony took place in a warm and intimate atmosphere.

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