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Worldsteel Group Signed The Contract For Gppd Energy Factory Project

On January 15th, 2020, WorldSteel Construction Joint Stock Company (WorldSteel Group) and GPPD Energy Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract for the General Contractor of GPPD Battery Factory Project built in Becamex Industrial Park, Binh Phuoc.

Attending the signing ceremony, there was representative of Investor GPPD Energy Co., Ltd. – Ms. Huang Xiao Yun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GPPD Energy Co., Ltd., on the side of the General Contractor, is represented by Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam, Chairman of the WorldSteel Group Board.

At the end of the year, construction activities of WorldSteel Group are increasingly exciting. Typically, we have been entrusted by GPPD Energy Co., Ltd. and assigned to assume the role of General Contractor for a very large scale battery factory.

The factory is built on a large land with an area of 30,000m2, this is the first green technology project to be present in Binh Phuoc, and also the first mercury-free zinc manganese alkaline battery factory in Viet Nam. Accordingly, WorldSteel Group will carry out all construction activities including design, production, erection and finishing of steel structures, infrastructure items, electrical and water systems, etc. All of the above works is expected to be completed on August 15th, 2020.

The ceremony was attended by representative of the Investor unit, Ms. Huang Xiao Yun and Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – representing the General Contractor unit.

Speaking at the contract signing ceremony, Ms. Huang Xiao Yun shared: “With everything we have seen and experienced, we fully believe in WorldSteel’s prestige and competence that will help us achieve the full success of the project.”

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam, Chairman of the Board of Directors shared that he was very happy and proud when WorldSteel Group was entrusted by the Investor to assume the role of General Contractor for this important project. In particular, he said that WorldSteel Group would mobilize all human resources, the most modern equipment and machinery as well as ensure strict criteria for safety, quality and progress when executing the project to bring to the investor a project of outstanding quality.

The two sides officially signed a construction contract, marking a milestone for sustainable cooperation

It can be seen that the GPPD Energy Factory project with dozens of complex items requires perfect technical quality, which is a great challenge for the operation, deployment and project management, construction solution, equipment and technology capacity. With a construction period of more than 8 months, a time is not too long but we must complete on schedule and in quality to hand over to the Investor.

However, with all the accumulated experience as a General Contractor after many years, a professional and enthusiastic team, WorldSteel Group will surely overcome all challenges to bring complete success to the project such as committed.

And it is certain that with the foundations, once again, it will affirm the capacity and potential of WorldSteel and bring WorldSteel Group to a new level on the road to becoming one of the industry General Construction Contractors leader in Vietnam.



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