WorldSteel Group organized an Efficient Purchasing & Purchasing Ethics Training course

Purchasing is a very important skill, contributing to the profitability of businesses. In order to effectively implement purchasing and exploit the best sources of goods to serve business needs, businesses need to perform well in purchasing administration. Purchasing management is a complex, repetitive process that is repeated in a cycle, it involves the use of analytical results, the elements of supply management.

Understanding the importance of purchasing skills, WorldSteel Group organized an Efficient Purchasing & Purchasing Ethics Training course. This is a program designed by Masterskills Institute to equip learners with the knowledge and skills of purchasing as well as professional purchasing management, improving their capacity for supply development and management, coordinate and support other parts of the company as well as partners in the supply chain to do work with lower and lower costs and more efficiently.

Participating in training was Dr. Le Van Bay, he is a PhD in international business at Berlin – Germany University of Economics, an expert in the field of logistics, with more than 20 years of experience working in import, export, logistics & supply chain, is also a consulting lecturer, training at Saigon International University.

Dr. Le Van Bay (right) trains the course directly at WorldSteel Group

The course consisted of 4 parts and took place in 4 days: October 27, October 28, October 31, and November 1. The content includes:

I. Part 1:

– Purchasing process
– Analysis and presentation of current demand information
– Development of product selection criteria
– Supplier access and selection
– Risk identification and risk management in Purchase

II. Part 2:

– Purchasing and Contract
– Purchasing planning
– Negotiating prices and services
– Control domestic & international purchases

III. Part 3:

– Managing supplier relationships
– Establishing a network of partners and suppliers
– Coordinating / Linking with partners
– Building an admin system for purchasing (shopping list, supplier evaluation, supplier profile
– Own the supplies: long-term and strategic relationship with a stable and quality supplier
– Develop standards for supply to purchase
– Build a standard system of cost (cost norm)

IV. Part 4:

– Sharing experiences
– Set Purchasing Performance Targets (KPA / KPI)
– Supplier Assessment Criteria (KPA / KPI)
– Organizing a competitive auction
– Expense management (save budget)

In addition to purchasing skills, employees also have the opportunity to learn more about the topic “Ethical Standards of Purchasing“. The purpose is to help people recognize and aware the importance of purchasing ethics, and fraud practices affect the quality, service and consequences of fraud. From there, raise the ethical standards set by the profession of the purchasers.

As a person with a lot of experience in working and teaching, Dr. Le Van Bay has made the lesson even more exciting with the practical stories that he has met. He also enthusiastically answers questions that people ask.

After 4 sessions, the employees participating in the course understood more about the purchasing process, specifically:

  • Understand and be able to explain the concepts of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and the role of purchasing in the supply chain.
  • Understand Purchasing’s roles and responsibilities within the organization, and its relationships with other activities in the supply chain.
  • Understand, formulate and be able to apply the Purchasing policy and process professionally and closely.
  • Organizing the development of strategic goods sources; Selecting, evaluating and managing Supplier relationships.
  • Negotiate, bargain, manage contracts, set goals and targets; analyze and continuously improve the performance of the Purchasing department.
  • Understand more about ethical purchasing practices and behaviors that are unethical or illegal in purchasing.
  • Policies and measures to prevent and minimize unethical behaviors in purchasing.

Highlights of the Efficient Purchasing & Purchasing Ethics Training course

Trainees take photos before the training course starts

Trainees are employees from many departments such as: Purchasing, Finance and Accounting, Internal Control, Business,…

WorldSteel Group employees are certified after completing the course

The gift showing the gratitude of WorldSteel Group to Dr. Le Van Bay

This is really a useful training course and brings many practical values, helping the employees participating in the training course to have more useful knowledge and experience to serve the work better.

The fundamental value that makes success for a business is the people factor. Therefore, training and developing quality human resources is one of the top criteria that WorldSteel Group sets. At the company, everyone regularly participates in training courses from soft skills to professional skills, foreign languages,… The purpose is to help the company’s employees improve their qualifications, develop themselves and demonstrate personal capacity.

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