WorldSteel Welcomes The Interns Of Vocational College No. 21 (Course 2)

On June 15th, 2019, WORLDSTEEL Construction Joint Stock Company held a welcoming ceremony for the interns of Vocational College No. 21 (course 2) to attend the the mechanical training course.

All interns will be trained at the factory by WORLDSTEEL Construction Joint Stock Company. When participating in internships in this environment, the trainees will learn from theory to practice in mechanics.

Before entering the environment at the WorldSteel factory, the professional leadership team has trained the interns on labor safety lessons as well as letting them know more about safety at the factory.

WorldSteel Group has a vocational training center, here, WORLDSTEEL will have a team to monitor the interns so that when you step out of the working environment, you will be skilled.

Through the number of interns this time, it is possible to see the trust not only from the schools but also from the Vietnam interns for WorldSteel Group.

WorldSteel Group will continue to improve the quality as well as train the interns in the best way to bring the best quality human resources!

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