WorldSteel Annual Football Tournament 2nd – 2018

Recently, the WorldSteel annual football tournament 2nd – 2018 on Sport Plus pitch, the championship belongs to the PKT – SALE – QLDA team. This is a 5-person football tournament organized annually by the company, in order to create a playground for all employees, giving them the opportunity to interact and create cohesion with each other after tired working hours. Through the tournament, WorldSteel desire to bring a healthy playground for all employees as well as an occasion to promote everyone’s athletic spirit.

The entire football tournament is held on artificial mini field with 4 teams: PKT – SALE – QLDA, office 74 – NL FC, DD WIN, FACTORY FC, compete in a circular format to select the champion team. Unlike previous leagues, this year there will be more matches so viewers can watch more exciting matches as well as players have more opportunities to show their skills. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – General Director of WORLDSTEEL Construction Joint Stock Company attended as the leader of office 74 – NL FC team, consequently, create more motivation for the players to play better with the spirit of sports exchanges.


The players preparing for the upcoming opening ceremony.

The representative of the organizers has a speech about the purpose and meaning of the tournament, in order to create a sporty spirit and exchange among employees and colleagues.

Representative of Factory FC team – Mr. Nguyen Duc Huyen handing flowers, souvenir flags to the teams.

Goalkeeper Nguyen Quoc Dat of Office Team 74 – NL FC was the best player and the defending champion last season.

The match between Factory FC team and PKT – SALE – QLDA, the two teams are listening to the rules before playing.

Factory FC players are posing before their first match.

Photos taken of the team PKT – SALE – QLDA.

Factory FC team.

VP 74 – NL FC and the supporters.

FC DD WIN with the funny banner.

The players are conferring before the start of the match.

Some interesting situations of the match between PKT – SALE – QLDA and Factory FC.

The victory belongs to PKT – SALE – QLDA with a large difference score.

The match between VP 74 -NL FC and DD WIN after that also very attractive and the victory belonged to VP 74 -NL FC with a goal difference.

The players of DD WIN are playing very aggressively, in the photo is Van Thanh – one of the excellent players who tends to attack very well, famous for long shots.

Outside the boundary line, the supporters holding banners also enthusiastically cheered for the players participating in the competition.

The number of supporters is increasing and the horns make a more lively sound for the match.

At the end of the tournament, the victory belonged to PKT – SALE – QLDA team, they successfully won the championship this year. Representatives of 2nd, 3rd and consolation winners receive souvenir flags.

On behalf of the organizers, Mr. Huynh Phong Lam awards certificates of merit and take photos with the players.

General Director Nguyen Khanh Lam awards the championship trophy to the PTK – SALE – QLDA champion team

Young player Tran Anh Khoa of Factory FC won the top scorer this year with 7 goals.


This year was a successful year for the Factory FC team, before entering the tournament they were underestimated but eventually won the runner-up of the tournament.

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