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“Fly Away” – An Emotional Year-end Party Of WORLDSTEEL GROUP

On January 11th, 2020, WorldSteel Group successfully organized the 2019 Closing – Orientation 2020 Ceremony and the Year End Party 2019 at World Steel Factory (Long An). This is also a special occasion for all brothers and sisters from offices, factories to projects from all parts of the country to gather and share the successes achieved in the past year.

The theme of the 2019 year-end event is: “Fly Away”, a topic with a great orientation in 2020.

A flight before it starts has to go through a very careful preparation process. In the preparation stage, people have to do the work of calculating fuel, determining flight parameters, the condition of the aircraft and many other technical requirements before putting it into operation. Likewise with WorldSteel Group, we have gone through a long process of preparation and accumulation of experience, and it is time for us to take off to conquer challenges and create greater value.

The whole Board of Directors, WorldSteel Group’s employees and the partners

Summarizing in 2019, WorldSteel Group has achieved certain achievements both at home and abroad, WorldSteel has been asserting itself on the path to achieving the title as one of the steel structure – pre-engineered steel building leading companies in Vietnam and the world.

After the internal meeting Summary of the year 2019 – Orientation 2020, the 2019 Year-end party with the theme “Fly away” took place in the joyful feeling of the Board of Directors and all employees of WorldSteel Group after one year of hard working. The party also had the guests of the investors and partners of the company.

Year-end review meeting – Orientation 2020

At the party, Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman of WorldSteel Group shared: “The success of WorldSteel Group is the common success of an entire team, each WorldSteel person needs to constantly learn to improve knowledge and grow ourself. To do this, let’s work, cultivate, know wrong and correct mistakes to be better every day. ” And one thing he wanted to remind everyone is not to forget the mission of the company: People’s benefits, Self-benefits and Human being’s benefits. At the end of the speech, he did not forget to thank the customers and partners for trusting the company during the past time.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – Chairman and CEO of WorldSteel Group shared about the mission and aspirations of the Board of Directors in 2020

An extremely prominent part of the event is a ceremony to honor individuals, departments, and outstanding projects of the past year. This is an opportunity for the company to recognize the contributions of the WorldSteel members in the past year. It is also a motivation for everyone to strive for in 2020 to achieve more success.

After the opening speech of the year-end party,  the Board of Directors have performed a champagne opening ceremony, and toast to a lucky and favorable new year for all members of WorldSteel.

The Board of Directors opened the champagne and toast to the new year

Throughout the party, there was a joyful and exciting atmosphere, the colorful entertainment shows were carefully invested by WorldSteel members, the lucky draw with mysterious numbers made everyone thrilled.

The party ended successfully, but the most important thing is that the feeling settles after the party, each member is aware of their own responsibility to constantly strive to study and work well.

On the eve of the new year, WorldSteel Group is proud of what has been achieved and with the spirit of “Fly away”, World Steel is confident of successfully fulfilling the set goals and contributing to build the company to grow more and more successful.


Check in before the ceremony:

Honor individuals, collectives, and projects with outstanding achievements:

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