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A meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival at WorldSteel Group

Mid-Autumn Festival is the reunion festival, is an opportunity for family members to reunite, is a chance for the children in far away places to come back home. The meaning of kinship is contained in each Mid-Autumn gift, expressing respect and affection for the family.

On the occasion of the eighth lunar month each year, WorldSteel Group organizes Mid-Autumn Festival gifts giving for all employees working at WorldSteel Group. This is also an opportunity for all WorldSteel Group brothers and sisters to sit and chat together in an intimate and cozy “union” atmosphere.

The moon cake gifting activity was organized by WorldSteel Group with the purpose of taking care of life and bringing more joy to employees and their families, and also creating a friendly atmosphere for everyone.

The moon cake this year is somewhat special than the previous year with extremely eye-catching and luxurious design. Although the gift is small, it contains sincere feelings, showing the leadership’s practical attention to the spiritual life of WorldSteel Group employees. Thereby, sending to everyone a meaningful message: “We are a family where all WorldSteel Group members will always accompany and share together on the path of success“.

Some outstanding photos of Mid-Autumn Festival at WorldSteel Group

The gifts were sent to the workers working at the WorldSteel Group factory

Equally exciting atmosphere of employees at WorldSteel Group office

On this meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival, WorldSteel Group would like to wish all employees, customers and partners a warm, peaceful and happy mid-autumn season with families!

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