2022 Sports Festival: Celebrating 10 years of WorldSteel Group

A strong collective is built on the core foundation of the cohesion of the members inside. Therefore, the team building activity is held annually at WorldSteel Group with the purpose not only to helping members have the opportunity to have fun together, exchange, learn and increase solidarity but also create motivation to help everyone be more excited and confident to be ready to take the next step in building a stronger WorldSteel Group in the future. It has become an extremely important activity and a typical cultural feature, attracting the attention and enthusiasm of all employees.

This sports festival with the theme "Change To Grow" carries the message of WorldSteel Group's efforts, determination, and readiness to adapt to any changes in order to promote strong internal strength, creating momentum for the transformation ahead.

“WorldSteel Group 2022 Sports Festival”, a highlight in the series of events to celebrate WorldSteel Group’s 10th Anniversary, was held on August 27, 2022 at Sport Plus Football Stadium with the participation of The Board of Directors and more than 200 employees from the office and World Steel factory.


The members are divided into 8 teams. Through many physical games, the members are like enthusiastic “warriors”, burning with all their heart, using collective strength to overcome challenges.

Exploring together, exchanging together, it is the activities with many dynamic games that bind them together to help us understand each other better and become closer. The Board of Directors, all levels of management and employees together hand in hand, everyone is happy and eager to participate in team games. At this point, it seems that there is no longer a difference between office and factory members, but in each person’s mind there is only one common roof, World Steel.

The members participated in many exciting team games, which required high solidarity and determination to overcome challenges. After a team building session at a sports festival together, the members learned great lessons about teamwork and collective spirit, realizing the power of solidarity in team games to win together such as: Team Pants, Victory Road, Team Rescue, and Success Road. Each member is a color that adorns the overall success of the WorldSteel Group 2022 Sports Festival.


The joy of all the teams is the smile, the victory, the encouraging rewards. Moreover, it is the spirit of solidarity, becoming a united team, standing side by side to reach the finish line.


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