122nd Philippine Independence Day June 12th, 2020

Today marks the event of 122 years of history since the first time General Emilio Aguinaldo declared the Philippines to escape Spain’s rule and gained independence across the territory. This historic event has now become a day not only to commemorate and honor the heroes but also to be a national holiday for the entire Filipino nation.

Every year, events on this special day will take place through military parades across the country, including the parade in the capital, Manila. In the ceremony, the current President – Mr. Rodrigo Duterte will commemorate the heroes who have contributed to the liberation of the country, and also give a speech for the highlights of the general situation of the country. The ceremony will be ended by a 21-gun salute to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day.

Because of the big day, everyone from young to adults, middle-aged people will be absent from school and work to participate in the parade. The public transport is also minimized to give way to the ceremony, the national flag are hung in front of every citizen’s houses and along national highways across the country, showing the Filipino people’s respect for the country, with the symbol of the national spirit.

On the other hand, OFWs on this day will also hold parties with family or friends, and watch the parade live through television or media. In addition, every car of the Filipino people has a national flag attached, thereby showing the national pride of the overseas Filipino community for their homeland.

After the ceremony, people often gather at parks or malls, this is both an opportunity to spend time with family, friends, and an opportunity for people to interact with each other, creating a invisible connection between Filipinos.

After so many years since independence, the Philippines, whose GDP ranked fourth in Southeast Asia after Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, has grown into a regionally strong country with a developing economy, and also one of the countries with strong economic potential in Asia. Although recently, Covid-19 pandemic outbreaks and impacts more or less on the economy of the country, but with the patriotism and the solidarity of every Filipinos, we will overcome this hard time.

Because the epidemic situation is still complicated, people try to celebrate the National Day at home, stay healthy, to prepare for the economic recovery after the Co-VID 19.

Maligayang Araw ng Kasarinlan!

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